Foote-Notes is an interview show featuring interesting people that I’ve discovered on LinkedIn. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me.

EP 29: Elle Hill, Founder & CEO, Hill & Co.

Elle Hill’s story is fascinating. She started as an assistant’s assistant sweeping the floors initially in the cosmetic biz but her ambition continuously drove her to do and want more. She pivoted to jewelry and I don’t think she could’ve have picked a tougher...

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EP 28: Richard van der Blom, Founder and Managing Partner of ‘Just Connecting’

Richard made a huge splash on LinkedIn last Summer when he published a comprehensive report on the (content distribution) algorithm which confirmed what many LinkedIn authors had suspected in relation to how their posts were being assessed and shared on the platform. I know...

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EP 27: Adam Posner, Founder & MD, NHP Talent Group

Adam and I discuss our favorite deli sandwich (Reuben), how people perceive him, how he came up with the name of his consulting business, what it was like being fired by Gary Vaynerchuk and his LinkedIn Live methodology (and lots of other topics….).

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EP: 26 Hung Lee, Curator, Recruiting Brainfood

Hung Lee started one of the most influential recruitment newsletters almost by accident. He converted a lifetime habit of curating recruitment related content into a must-read industry bulletin. He’s got a lot going on and expresses opinions that are based on his real-life experience...

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EP 25: Brian Golod, Career Consultant, Overdrive

Brian Golod has built a career consulting business by working tirelessly and pulling levers on LinkedIn. Some would say that he’s cracked the LinkedIn code. I would say that LinkedIn is the perfect communication channel and best way to go to market – for...

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EP: 24 Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, teachndo

Sweta talks about her immigrant journey, why she pivoted into helping job-seekers and how she planned her LinkedIn strategy. We also talked about baking and mass-tagging!

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I’m a LinkedIn branding and strategy guy who now has a podcast. I get bored very easily and can’t stand the sound of my own voice. My solution? Forget about the sound of my voice and focus instead on my very special guests in a convivial interview format. So plug your earphones in, hit play and enjoy!