Greetings Dear Listener

Greetings Dear Listener

Yeah, I know. The last thing the world needs now…is another podcast. But this one is different. It’s 100% me! Well, 50% me and 50% of a special guest. The intention is to bring you a mix of real life commentary, LinkedIn insights and networking in 45 minutes or less. What else?

Studio quality audio, obviously. I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts over the last few months and the only thing that’s ever turned me off, consistently, is bad audio. Look, stuff happens, I get it, especially if you’re interviewing people over the phone, some of this stuff is out of your control – but I’m going to do everything possible to minimize it on my shows. I owe it to you. You’ve subscribed and I want you to stick with me for the long haul, dear listener. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars on the best audio recording equipment I could get my hands on. I’ve researched and purchased/subscribed to multiple software programs that will help me to being your pristine, distraction free sound. I’ve even moved my router into my home office so that I can switch from wifi to ethernet when recording the show. As for content, I’m going to do my best to keep you tuned in. You have so many choices! Thank you for choosing me. I’d love to hear from you, so please do give me feedback and if you have suggestions on future guests, I am all ears.

Thank you, stay well, healthy and curious.

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