Foote-Notes is an interview show featuring interesting people that I’ve discovered on LinkedIn. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me.

EP: 23 Andreas Jonsson, CEO & Co-founder, SHIELD INTELLIGENCE

Andreas and I talk about how the idea of SHIELD came to him and his colleagues, we also talked data insights and what his customers can expect to see in the future. And we delve pretty deep into the (burning) questions I have about...

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EP: 22 Amy Volas, Founder & CEO, Avenue Talent Partners

Amy and I discuss her career start, her Yahoo! experience, her Indeed experience. We talk about what she means by “cracking the code” in relation to her approach to helping her clients find brilliant sales leaders. And lots of other subjects!

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EP: 21 Jonathan Tesser, VP Research, Insights and Analytics at NYC & Company

Jon (also referred to as Jonathan..) and I discuss beer, his early career, how he applies analytics and his love of the travel/tourism/hospitality sector. We also go deep on his approach to and philosophy on mentorship.

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EP: 20 Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR Lady

Suzanne and I chat about her branding, her freelance writing, strange HR situations and workplace myths, amongst other (fascinating) subjects.

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EP: 19 David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer, DBD International

David and I talked about his early career, his unique office layout and his (ultra creative and highly effective) approach to LinkedIn content strategy, in addition to….many other areas!

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EP: 18 Shelly Elsliger, President Linked-Express Coaching & Training

Shelly and I talked about our shared love of LinkedIn and teaching, we discussed her ‘Decide to be kind’ campaign, bullying, engagement pods, and lots of other areas!

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I’m a LinkedIn branding and strategy guy who now has a podcast. I get bored very easily and can’t stand the sound of my own voice. My solution? Forget about the sound of my voice and focus instead on my very special guests in a convivial interview format. So plug your earphones in, hit play and enjoy!