EP: 10 Josh Steimle, Founder & CEO, Influencer Inc

Josh and I talk content strategy, writing, LinkedIn, his forthcoming book ’60 Days To LinkedIn Mastery’ and skateboarding.

2 comments on “EP: 10 Josh Steimle, Founder & CEO, Influencer Inc

  1. Craig McAlpine says:

    Some great insights here from Josh Steimle that I certainly can relate to. I love helping my followers and connections on LinkedIn, Facebook etc, sometimes through sharing links and other peoples posts that I know will be of benefit. Unfortunately though, links and shares get stomped on by LinkedIn’s algorithm which unfortunately flies in the face of my mantra ‘helping others’, but clearly satisfies LinkedIn’s own need to raise the barrier to exiting their platform. Fix: I now post the graphic of the article and include key words so the reader can find it for themselves.
    Also, I’ve pretty much given up on writing articles – again, for whatever reason, LinkedIn’s algorithm squash these in terms of feeding into my followers feed.
    ANDY, I’ve ‘liked’ and ‘commented’ on LinkedIn because sharing your post won’t get as much traction.

    1. Andy Foote says:

      Thanks very much Craig. I’m getting several reports from people I trust and know saying that urls are no longer getting ‘stomped’. If this is true, it’s a big leap forward for content flow.

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