EP 28: Richard van der Blom, Founder and Managing Partner of ‘Just Connecting’

Richard made a huge splash on LinkedIn last Summer when he published a comprehensive report on the (content distribution) algorithm which confirmed what many LinkedIn authors had suspected in relation to how their posts were being assessed and shared on the platform. I know he was working on an update of that 2019 bombshell report and I was waiting for him to complete it, so he could come on the show to talk about it! We spoke for over an hour and only got through 60% of his research.

So he’s very kindly agreed to come on again (next week) for part 2! (Subscribe now – so you don’t miss it….)

2 comments on “EP 28: Richard van der Blom, Founder and Managing Partner of ‘Just Connecting’

  1. Thank you to both Andy and Richard for spending an extensive amount of time diving deep into the research Richard has conducted to help us all better understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how we can take advantage of it.

    I particularly like that both Richard and Andy agreed that sharing this information without it being behind a paywall helped the entire community.

    Thank you again to both of you.

  2. Ella Orr says:

    Brilliant! Thank you both. Richard’s research is so eye-opening and helpful and can I say generous too. Andy, thank you for adding your excellent insights too and for giving us such a wonderful guest. For me as a marketer, this is most useful.

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