EP 29: Elle Hill, Founder & CEO, Hill & Co.

Elle Hill’s story is fascinating. She started as an assistant’s assistant sweeping the floors initially in the cosmetic biz but her ambition continuously drove her to do and want more.

She pivoted to jewelry and I don’t think she could’ve have picked a tougher industry for a young woman at that time, to excel. By her description “patriarchal, fraternal and fragmented” the gem trade and jewelry industry was slow to innovate and operated mostly on trust. She quickly succeeded, largely by sheer and raw energy, a thoughtful and clever sales methodology and a naivety that constantly pushed her forward, “Why not me?” She didn’t know what she didn’t know and that was actually a plus.

I’m not going to tell you Elle’s whole story, because I want you to listen to the podcast!

But I will just leave you with this one tidbit – Elle moved to China, with 2 toddlers, learned Mandarin, killed it in the jewelry biz over there for 10 years (listing on the AUS Stock Exchange and winning numerous industry awards)…

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